New Zealand Tui

Coromandel Tui Ringtone

New ringtone of Coromandel Tui now available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.


Relaxation TV - Beaches New Zealand

100% nature scenes and 100% nature sounds (no music nor narration) of eight spectacular New Zealand beaches.



๐Ÿ™‚ sounds lovely. The other day I was walking past a park and heard tui calling and thought what are they doing in Scotland before I remembered and answered the phone.


Have had the DVD on all day, itโ€™s great. Very weird thing it seems to affect all the animals they have been very sombulent all day it is just not like them to be like this on a very fine day.I had a load of fire wood delivered this afternoon and having the DVD on has been great I have been taking breaks lying on the floor a just drifting away very restful.