Stressed business man concerned with work Stress on the job is something most every worker experiences, and is a major reason as to why people will leave their jobs. Undue stress while at work not only causes anxiety and tension for employees it can manifest into illness forcing workers to take time off. Workplace stress affects concentration, memory and learning. Discovering ways on how to manage with stress in the workplace can improve focused thinking, job performance and peace of mind.

What Are Stress Management Skills?

1. Leave the building
That’s not to completely walk away from work, but make your lunch break into a work break. Take a brisk walk around the building, around the block or to the nearest park. Look up at the sky and clouds, observe the trees and birds. Get a sense that there is more to life than a stressful job.

2. Practice breathing
When under constant stress, many of us forget to take proper breaths. Deep breathing exercises while at your desk, on your break, or while commuting to and from work can serve to increase oxygen to your body and induce calmness.

3. Trusted talk
Stay away from office gossip; it only serves to exacerbate stress between workers, or the boss, and will only make the situation worse. Talk out your feelings about your job stress with your spouse, partner, or trusted friend away from the workplace.

4. Write it out
By taking a few minutes each day at the end of the workday, write out what it is that is bothering you at work and is creating your stress. Sometimes just getting these thoughts on paper can assist you in sorting out what the job stressors are and can help you figure out solutions.

Calm water for nature stress relief 5. Use Virtual Nature
If you’re feeling stressed within your workday take a quick 5 minute break with nature to chill out and de stress. There is good scientific evidence to show that even contact with virtual nature via video is beneficial to health. Taking 5 minutes out of your work day gives you a sense of perspective and breathing room to allow you to better focus when you return to the task at hand.