Woman Stressed OutWe all experience some level of stress in our lives, but when a major shift or change occurs, stress levels seem to fly off the charts.

Major life changes can come in many forms and the level of stress produced is in accordance to the impact of the event it has on the individual affected. The loss of a spouse or child is considered one of the most significant major life changes that can cause extreme stress. Divorce, job loss, and personal illness or injury also rate high on the list for creating an elevated presence of stress.

During times of high stress and anxiety, it’s difficult to know what to do for stress relief, and how to alleviate overpowering emotions that accompany a major life change. The following tips may help the process of healing from major life upheavals how to manage a stress:

Don’t Make Any Major Decisions: When stressed out from a major life event, all calm and level-headed cylinders are probably not firing as they should. It’s best to take some time and let emotions settle before making any big decisions that may have future negative repercussions. Most people cannot process complete and rational thoughts after having suffered an adverse major event. They often feel that they have to immediately move forward on major decisions that they will regret later. This is a time when a trusted relative or friend should be at hand to monitor stress levels and healing management.

Keep Moving: A major life change takes temporary hold of the body and soul. There is a tendency to want to simply stop and absorb what recently happened, and in doing so basic physical needs become neglected. It’s important to keep your physical body moving as your mind continues to figure out the “whys” of the situation. Engaging in the most basic activities such as walking can stimulate the mind and the body toward resolution and recovery.

Nature SunsetRetain a connection with nature: In a stressful environment a connection with nature leads to better health and an increased ability to deal with stress. A walk in the park, a stroll through the woods, a visit to the beach can do a mind and body a lot of good, to the point of allowing you to experience more control over your situation and reflect on what further steps you can take to eliminate the harmful causes of stress.

The main objective to these tips is to feel at peace, be calm and relaxed, and to feel compelled to act towards taking the right actions to overcome major life changes.