Walk in the forest for nature stress relief 1. Reconnect With Nature

Nature offers the best ways to not be stressed. If you can spend time outdoors, in a park or forest or beach, that is by far the best connection with nature. There is a large body of scientific evidence to show a connection with nature speeds the body’s recovery from stress, facilitates recovery from surgery, relieves mental fatigue, increases job satisfaction and improves job performance.

Of course here at Nature Stress Relief we are all about connecting with nature to relieve stress. If you are unable to access nature then virtual nature can also help relieve stress, as there is also scientific evidence to show that even virtual nature can relieve stress. For example, if you are at stressed at work and cannot take a break outside then watching a nature video will alleviate your stress. Or, if you’re cooped up inside during bad weather with young children and they are restless, a nature video will be relaxing and entertaining for them. These are just two small examples for when virtual nature would be a viable alternative.

Couple walking for natural stress relief 2. Exercise Daily

Regular exercise is necessary to keep our bodies and minds healthy, and has been repeatedly been shown to improve the body’s recovery from stress giving your mood a natural boost.

Exercise and stress management are linked together because exercise can provide an effective release of negative emotions. Take walking for instance, as just about anyone can do it–a walk on your lunch break, a walk with your kids to the playground, a walk in the morning before your shower–can provide the avenue to get into a meditative state can, to the point that the walk releases your mind of stress.

Natural stress relief woman breathing exercises outdoors 3. Stress and Relaxation Technique

If you’re feeling stressed then regular conscious relaxation for mindful stress reduction may help you. Relaxation can be a mentally active process which leaves your mind calm and your body relaxed. The first thing to focus on is breathing. Sitting in a warm comfortable place, in a comfortable position in loose comfortable clothes focus on maintaining regular steady breathing. Relaxation techniques done each day for only 10 to 20 minutes can yield positive results on our health and will relieve stress. Here at Nature Stress Relief we use our nature relaxation videos to focus on while we practice relaxation techniques. This gives us a soothing picture with natural sound to allow our body and mind to fully relax.