Man Stressed OutAnxiety is a heightened feeling of fear, worry and unease. With the pressure and uncertainty of a tenuous workplace, a tedious commute and demanding responsibilities at home, feelings of stress and anxiety can be exacerbated and become difficult to manage.

While some of us know exactly what the causes of stress and anxiety are in our lives, others can’t seem to pinpoint why it is they are feeling “on edge”, restless and fearful. Regardless of the cause, exploring and integrating the following natural remedies to stress and anxiety can serve to help ease the signs of stress and tension that are a direct result of living in an anxious state of mind.

Take Time to Smell the Roses
Many of us get so caught up in our daily lives and all the responsibilities that are constantly tugging at us, we forget that we inherently know what to do for stress. Just 15 minutes a day of downtime in a quiet place to calm the mind and sort out thoughts will help to create composure and manage anxiety.

Take a Deep Breath
Deep breathing exercises can be done at almost anytime during the day, and can work to calm the mind and body before and after particularly trying episodes that are a part of daily living.

Take a Walk
Even if it’s just around the building at lunchtime, getting away from sources of stress and tension for a brisk walk can help assuage built up anxiety. Planning a walk or hike in nature has particularly beneficial effects in reducing emotional and physical tension.

A Balanced Diet
Excessive anxiety can affect how and what we eat. By examining dietary habits and making healthy adjustments, anxiety can be significantly reduced when proper nutrition is enhanced.

To confront and ease negative and intense feelings stemmed from stress and anxiety, incorporate these natural remedies into your daily routine to feel at peace, calm, and relaxed.