An Unconventional Use of an Existing Technology.
Virtual Nature For Stress Relief.

MANGAWHAI, NEW ZEALAND – (Sep. 25, 2012) — Most people turn to doctors or herbal remedies or lifestyle changes to relieve stress. But now a new company has an out of the ordinary solution: Virtual nature.
The idea was born from a deep love of nature. “We are passionate about the environment and desire to inspire others to feel the same way. But more important, we want to enable people, in today’s fast-paced and chaotic lifestyles, to connect with nature by bringing nature’s peace and beauty in to their lives, homes and offices,” said Cesar Iriarte, co-founder of Nature Stress Relief.
Lara Iriarte, the other co-founder, agrees. “We want to share nature’s calmness and tranquillity with others and to expand the love of nature across the globe. Using virtual nature as a new and unusual way to achieve these goals, an existing technology can be used in different ways to have a positive influence for everyone and the environment.” has just released its first DVD, Beaches New Zealand, as an unconventional use of an existing technology for stress relief. The company believes that a growing urbanized global population is stressed, becoming disassociated from nature and it is on a mission to fix this. By bringing the beauty of New Zealand to urbanites the company hopes to reconnect stressed city folks to nature, and improve their quality of city living.
Additionally, Nature Stress Relief has designed its business model to ensure the carbon footprint of its products is as low as possible by choosing manufacturers and distributors within the United States, where the majority of its customers are based.
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