Local Start-Up Idea Uses Video for Stress Relief.
An unconventional use of an existing technology.

MANGAWHAI, NEW ZEALAND – (Sep. 25, 2012) – Here in Mangawhai a small start-up internet based business is combining video technology with nature to improve human well being, while also promoting New Zealand.

The company is Nature Stress Relief and its first DVD title, Beaches New Zealand, has just been released. The DVD features scenes from New Zealand beaches with only natural soundtracks, which sets it apart from its competitors who use ambient music.

“Our initial market research showed us that people were looking for videos of nature with only natural sounds, with no music or any narration,” says Lara Iriarte from Nature Stress Relief. “So we thought that nature sounds would be better than music and published a DVD of New Zealand beaches with natural sounds of waves and birdsong from native New Zealand birds.”

The idea to use a TV screen as a window to nature to relieve stress was born from a deep love of nature. “We are passionate about the environment and desire to inspire others to feel the same way. We want to enable people, in today’s fast-paced and chaotic lifestyles, to connect with nature by bringing nature’s peace and beauty in to their lives, homes and offices,” said Cesar Iriarte, co-founder of Nature Stress Relief.

Viewing video of nature scenes has been validated through scientific research to relieve stress. Studies have found that viewing videos of nature lowers the heart rate and induces relaxation. These studies support the fresh use of an existing technology to simulate a natural environment that will have a calming effect.

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