Nature Stress Relief - Water ReflectionI’d like to share with you a simple stress relief tip that I use often which really works. I have taught this to my young son also and he has found it great for calming him down and relieving stress.

Deep breathing can be done anywhere and almost anytime. The trick is to do it right to achieve results.

Either sit down with your back very straight or lie down on the floor or even on a bed.

Breathe in slowly and evenly into your abdomen. To learn how to do this the first few times place one hand on your breast and another below your stomach. The hand on your breast should not move and the hand lower down on your stomach should move out as you breathe in. Keep the breath even.

Breathe in through your nose.

When you feel that you simply cannot take in anymore breath then slowly let it out at the same pace you let it in.

Breathe out through your mouth.

Keep doing this and you will slowly feel your heart rate lower. Focus on thinking about what you’re doing, the breathing, focus on keeping it even and deep.

After even a very few minutes you will feel calmer and your stress levels will reduce.

This is a great trick for insomnia also. If you are having trouble falling asleep then focussing on deep breathing will really help. I suffer terribly from insomnia and this trick often works to help me fall asleep!