We all know that waiting rooms in doctors offices are there to be used. Even if we don’t turn up early we will be waiting. After all, that’s what the waiting room is there for! It’s also common these days for waiting rooms to have televisions in them, and they usually blare out the same old “news.”

Regular television channels in waiting rooms will raise blood pressure and heart rates, a pretty good sign that patient stress is increasing while they wait for their appointment. But what if the television could be used for positive benefit instead?

Imagine entering your doctor’s office to be greeted by the sight of small clean waves curling over themselves onto a pristine beach, with the beautiful calls of birdsong filling the room softly. Instead of reading an old magazine and finding out what Britney was up to last year you may be mesmerised by the waves and lulled into calm by the sounds of birds.

This is what our product is all about.

We’re not the only ones thinking that the current way televisions in waiting rooms are used is detrimental to patients. Although a bit old now this article in Healthcare Design Magazine illustrates exactly this problem. We have the solution.

If this practice of misuse of waiting room televisions annoys you too, next time you visit your doctor suggest they visit Nature Stress Relief for a solution.