Endangered New Zealand Yellow-Eyed Penguin

The yellow-eyed penguin (Megadyptes antipodes) or hoiho is a penguin native to New Zealand. Previously thought closely related to the little penguin (Eudyptula minor), molecular research has shown it more closely related to penguins of the genus Eudyptes. Like most...

Oh! The blissful sounds of nature
Sink deep into your heart
Give eternal joy,
All anxiety melts away.

― Balroop Singh

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A New Look for Nature Stress Relief

A New Look for Nature Stress Relief

Today is a big day. Inspired by nature, and after a long hiatus, we’re introducing a new look with our brand new logo and website design refresh. Clean. Simple. Expressive. New logo: Updated website’s homepage: Expect to see more activity from us. We’ll be...
Nature Images Preferred

Nature Images Preferred

Cusack, P., Langston, L., Isles, C., (2010) Impact of visual art in patient waiting rooms: survey of patients attending a transplant clinic in Dumfries. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. This paper looked at different environmental elements in a waiting room...

How I Managed to Reduce and Eliminate Stress

I found being able to control stress can be managed by taking action to handle it in healthy ways and avoiding unhealthy behaviors. With this in mind, I would like to share the following on how I manage to reduce stress and in most cases eliminate it: I first found...

Stress Relief Tip: Deep Breathing Exercise

I’d like to share with you a simple stress relief tip that I use often which really works. I have taught this to my young son also and he has found it great for calming him down and relieving stress. Deep breathing can be done anywhere and almost anytime. The...

Televisions in Waiting Rooms

We all know that waiting rooms in doctors offices are there to be used. Even if we don’t turn up early we will be waiting. After all, that’s what the waiting room is there for! It’s also common these days for waiting rooms to have televisions in...
Black Swamp Surf

Black Swamp Surf

“Surfing is good for the soul, worries seems to drift away as you scan the horizon for the next wave.” – Ed Daley