Q. How would I use your nature relaxation products?

A. Uses are only limited by our imaginations:

Reduce and relieve stress.
Help fall asleep and have a more restful sleep.
Soothe babies and small children to fall asleep (especially video with water sounds).
Alternative to children’s mainstream television programming (reduce advertising).
For relaxation in beauty spas, waiting rooms and hospitals.
Meditate to nature.
Calm and soothe expectant mothers during pregnancy and child birth.
Mask out distracting sounds.
Relaxing ambiance backdrop at social events, parties, conferences, and seminars.
Accompany to yoga classes and spa/health treatments.
Entertainment in fitness facilities.

Q. What happened to the DVDs?

A. We discontinued making DVDs in 2015. All of our nature films are now available as downloadable HD videos.

Q. Do you give refunds?

A. Digital products can’t be “returned.” Therefore, we have a “No Refund” Policy for all digital download products purchased directly through us.

Q. What are your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

You can read Nature Stress Relief Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.