Stress Test Results – Very Stressed

Your score in the stress test results is in the upper range which indicates you are most likely very stressed.

How much high levels of stress affect you will vary significantly according to your personality. However, your very high stress test score suggests you will benefit from taking steps right now to reduce your stress.

The three most essential actions you can take right now to reduce your stress are:

– eat healthy foods (green vege or fruit)
– exercise (take a walk or go for a run)
– talk to someone (emotional support from family and close friends)
– connect with nature (visit your local park, take a walk on a beach or hike through a forest)

Also, our article What to do for stress relief during times when you’re pressed for time has great tips on relaxation techniques you can start using right now.

Look after yourself! We know you can take the right steps toward a stress-free life.

Nature Stress Relief

Disclaimer: This test should not be taken as medical advice. If you feel unwell consult a medical professional.